Thursday, June 26, 2008


Why is it that 17 16 year olds in Gloucester MA have no trouble at all getting knocked up but I, a person who "did it right" can't seem to get spemanated? And by "did it right" I mean getting married BEFORE I had kids. (People have been saying to me for years, " So do you have kids? No? Well at least your doing it right.") What does that even mean?!? Why is it that 2 people who love each other and are in a good, stable, long relationship aren't truly a fit parents unless they're married? Angalina Jolie & Brad Pitt seem to be doing a pretty darn good job with their 26 kids and no wedding rings. I've known many a married couple that SHOULD NOT have been married no matter how many kids they had. I myself don't think that the idea of marriage is what it use to be. I don't think that most people take it seriously anymore. Not all people of course!! Some people take it way to seriously!

I personally believe that as a married woman that my husband/family comes first. Our life together comes first. I need to do everything that I can to keep us a strong happy couple. And he needs to do the same. Neither of us are "the boss" No one "wears the pants" We do however have our strengths. Terry is the provider. Clearly he makes way more money than I do. (I'd be living in Dubois PA with 4 roommates and one bathroom, more than likely if it weren't for him.) And I do maintain the house. I love to clean. (He'd be living in filth up to his knees if it weren't for me.) So we do fall into the classic "He's brings home the bacon & I fry it up in a pan" But, he does help around the house and I do work. Every major decision that has ever been made was made by both of us.

That's were I feel a lot of couples get it wrong. When you have kids or get married you are no longer 1 person. You can still be you but now you have other people to consider. You can no longer be selfish.

I've always heard people say that marriage is so hard. I don't really believe that. I thought being single was hard. Naturally there will always be bumps along the way but if it's right it shouldn't be that difficult. I have a friend who has two kids with her "boyfriend". They breakup every few weeks just to get back together in a day or 2. What the hell is up with that?!?!? WHY? Clearly that is NOT RIGHT!

I don't think that Terry and I are perfect. We both have bad habits. But I do know that we almost never argue, we enjoy each others company, we've never broken up in 13 years, we do everything we can to make the other laugh, we support each other completely and we love each other. I hope with every ounce of my being that we stay together for the rest of our lives but anything can happen. I know that nothing is written in stone.

Holy crap did I digress. The point of this blog was "getting pregnant can be hard" The End!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blessed Midsummer

First off I would like to wish everyone a happy Summer Solstice. (aka first day of summer to all you non-pagans) It's the longest day of the year and if you can get out and enjoy the earth! I for one am waiting semi-patiently for Terry to get home from work. Then I'm hoping to also get out and enjoy the day.

Next I want to talk about missing my peeps. I've become very comfortable with missing my loved ones. I've had years of practice. It's almost like they are fictitious characters I've mad up. I don't talk to most of them very often and I almost never see them. My family is very scattered across to US and I haven't lived in the same state as my mom in 11 years. And I've only seen her a handful of times in that 11 years. It's the same as my oldest BFFs Steph, Melissa & Brenda. I've gotten so use to them being so far away that although not being with them sucks it's really no big deal. But my soul still aches. The job I had right before we moved to WA was hands down the best job I've ever had. The job was so-so but the people I worked with made going to work great! I miss them terribly. And my Nikka! How I adore her. She's in AZ but just recently came to visit us. It was fun. Last but not least we have Nicole. She is the yin to my yang. She very well may be the funniest person I've ever met. She's married to a hell of a guy, Jake and they have produced a adorable son, Will. I wish they were here. It was so great having a couple to hang out with. To all my loved ones I love and miss you.

So some house news. The Sellers asked if we could move up the closing date. At first we said no for various reasons but they said that they'd throw in the fridge. So we agreed. July 8th is the new date. That's like 2 weeks away!!!!! Holy Crap we have so much to do! Oi, packing!

Seriously my offer still stands. If anyone wants to come help move, I mean, visit don't be shy. I'm a good cook!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So the pure joy of buying a home has been replaced by all the stress that comes with moving. I should have it down to an art at this point but it's NEVER fun. Packing, turning off and on the utilities, who will we get to help us move, unpacking, learning the area. Simply adjusting to a new home sucks. I'm not truly comfy in a new place for a month or so. I don't sleep well. I'll let ya'll in on a little secret: I watch to many ghost/haunting shows and so I'm always afraid the places we are moving into are haunted. Seriously! Although Terry, who oddly enough seems a little more "sensitive" to those kinds of things, says that he is completely comfortable in the house and that I should grow up. We'll see. I don't want a haunted house!!

Anyway back to moving. I am really happy about this whole process of owning our own home. I don't have any true roots. There's not one place I can call a home town. I've moved around so much in my life and my family is all over the place. Texas is my home state and I guess home is where your mommy & daddy are but still I crave roots! I want that for my kids. I want my kids to go to school with the same kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade. That's how it was for Terry. Lived in the same house his whole life till he shacked up with me & my nomadic ways. Had the same friends for 2 years old till he graduated. I went to 4 different schools. 2 different high schools. I often wonder if that's a reason I did so terribly in school? No matter.

I would however like to move one more time. I truly love the town we live in right now, Mukilteo WA. But we can't afford to own a house here. Hopefully in a few years (5 or 10) we will be able to. We'll see.

Well I'm going to go pack now. (boo hiss)

PS. if anyone wants to come visit us around the end of July, let me know! (hint hint)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life con't

I'm staging a personal protest. I'm calling off work today! And I'm not even sick! As I stated in a past blog, I'm a good, hard worked. To date that really, in the big scheme of things, gotten me nowhere. While slackers get the same treatment I do, I continue to work my ass off in hopes of something more. In vain. Also I may never do another favor for a co-worker as long as I live. I will no longer cover for HER or come in when she's "sick". I'm done with being her bitch! I've done favor after favor and when I asked HER to cover a 3 hour shift she didn't even return my phone call. From this point on I don't give a damn what her problem is, she could be bleeding out her eyeballs I DON'T CARE!!! Fuck you, Chelsey! I'M DONE! And if my manager won't do anything about it, she better be prepare to pick up her slack.

On a much lighter note: The house was appraised for more than the asking price! It's ours! We're buying a house! So once again we will be moving. That part sucks but at least we're moving in to a place that's OURS! I've estimated that this will be my 13th(ish) move and Terry's 8th. I'm not even Military. Yeah US!!

I keep getting e-mails that say "I can't figure out how to comment"

Here's what you do Step by Step:
1. At the bottom of each blog there's a link that says Comments. Click on that link.

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4. Under "Choose you Identity", choose Name/URL. Type your name.

5. Click the "Publish Your Comment"

6. Done! You have successfully posted a comment! Yeah You!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here's to.....

another 50 years!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I really don't have much to talk about as far as the house goes. At this point it's just a waiting game. It needs to be appraised and after that it's ours. (Hopefully)

I will however talk about my job for a few moments. Make no mistake, I love it. I love taking pictures of people. I love the job. It can get a little hairy at times but what job can't, right? Anyway, I'm a good worker. A hard worker. I'm never late, I never call off, I do what I'm suppose to and I never leave people stranded. It's not that hard to do that. Why is there no one I work with that understands that? I have never worked with a shittier group of people. It's infuriating. I don't even understand why these people work. You don't want to be here, so don't be!


Our anniversary was nice. We went and saw Indiana Jones. It was good. We went out to dinner and came home and cuddled! Next year for our 10th I would like to do something big. An Alaskan Cruise, a few day's in Hawaii, something nice. We'll see.


I have a myspace page (of course) and I sometimes write blogs there although since now I have this I don't need to.

This is a blog I wrote on myspace a few weeks ago. I thought I would share it with ya'll.

So there I was walking my dog in the woods where lots of other people walk and he poops. Not right on the walk way but close enough. Now let me make one thing clear. 95% of the time I pick up his poop. Sometimes he poops in really odd places that maybe I can reach or that is completely in no danger of being stepped in. I will leave those lay. 100% of the time I pick up the poop that is close to were people walk. And I always pick it up around my neighborhood. Nothing worse than dog poop in front of you apartment door.

That being said, today I was lazy. I just covered it up. I wasn't going to be walking past a dumpster so I just left it there.

Here's were the karma kicked in. When I got home I had stepped in dog poop. ON BOTH SHOES & MY PANTS!!! And before I had realized it, after I had taken my shoes off, I got some on my foot! Sooo Gross!!!!

So I had to clean my shoes, wash my jeans, clean my floor & wash my feet. All because I didn't pick up Snoopy's poop!

And my cat just puked on my carpet. Figures.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I can't f-n spell! And spell check doesn't always catch it! Whatever!! If you get the gist, that's all I care about!

CAUTION: Sappy & Slightly Mushy

Tomorrow is mine & Terry's 9 year anniversary! I can believe it. They truly have been 9 wonderful years. Don't get me wrong it's not always been hearts & flowers. We can both be difficult, pissy people. But I tell you this I love him more today than I did when we got married. And believe me I was nuts about him! So I'm dedicating this blog to Terry and some of the things I love about him.

*He's a love & touch whore! He NEEDS me to rub his head or his feet. Basically as long as I'm touching him he's content.
(nothing naughty people)*
*He's so funny! Seriously you people have no idea!*
*He has a beard.*
*Everything he does he does to insure that we have a good life.*
*When he wakes up he's so cute! His hair is standing up, his clothes are messed up and he's all goofy.*
*He's so good to me.*
*He thinks I'm funny and pretty. (Thank the Gods!)*
*He's smart & great for conversation.*
*He's my Lobster! My soul mate. My everything!*
Heather Love's Terry!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here are a few pics. It's such a cute house.
The road/driveway leading to the house. I love this fence!

The front door. The bush has got to go!

Terry helping the home inspector.

Nice open floor plan.

And the back yard. The kennel goes, I think. We wouldn't use it anyway. Snoopy is far to spoiled. It's not hugh (the yard) but it's big enough for a couple of dogs to enjoy and maybe a kid or 2! hehe!

Everything happens for a reason.

When Terry came home on Thursday night we had a nice long heart to heart about the house and our station in life. We decided that he would try one or two more things but if they didn't produce any results than we would not proceed with THIS house. After all we couldn't really afford it anyway.

So on Friday (after I had posted my blog) Ter calls the realtor, Gary, and gives him the bad news. Gary tells Ter "It's okay, this happens sometimes. If you want to keep looking we will" Great Guy! AND we wouldn't even lose or "Earnest" money. SWEET!!

Then around 5ish that afternoon we get a call from "Evil Loan Officer" who tells us that he'll talk to his manager and see what he can do about what has happened and that the loan that the first loan officer had set up was a really bad one anyway. I won't bore you with the details of it but it was very impractical for us and would end up hurting us in the long run money wise.

I've said it time & time again: Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING!!

Anyway, had we not been switched to "Evil Loan Officer" whom I'll now call Ben, we would have been screwed. We'd have moved in to that house only to find we couldn't afforded it! Needless to say our sadness has been replace by relief. Thanks Ben!

So on to the good news. Ben crunched some numbers and has made the loan possible for us. Payments we can afford. It looks like we may be back on track. However I will not get my hopes up this time. If we get it Awesome! If we don't it's just as well. There will be other houses.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Loss and Acceptance

When Terry called me yesterday morning to break the bad news, I was very distraught to say the least. I didn't realize until that moment how much owning our own home meant to me. I was still on the fence about the whole thing. So much responsibility. So much out of our own pocket expenses. Scary stuff. I was excited and on board but I would have been fine either way.

When we went to the house to have it inspected, I fell in love with that cute little house even more. I was placing furniture, hanging pictures, ripping up linoleum and putting down newer flooring, building shelves in the garage, doing yard work and redoing bathrooms. All in my head of course. It was my new home.

Terry is doing all he can to figure out a way we can get this house but it seems quite futile. I think we have lost our house. Stupid, evil, bankman!! I really feel bad for the sellers. That house has been on the market for a few months now and to think that it's selling and then not, must be as heartbreaking as what we're going through.

Before we found this house we had decided to wait a couple of years to buy a home. Save some money, learn the area, get a few raises, you know. I told Ter that if we do indeed lose this house that I want to wait. He really wants our own home and I don't think he can help himself when it comes to looking but I don't want to be unprepared like this again.

Such as Life!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My heart in breaking

We got the house inspected yesterday and it passed with flying colors. We met a few of our neighbors. Very nice people. I took pictures. I all but started moving our shit in.

Terry talks to our EVIL loan guy this morning and tells him that the original person we talked to misquoted us on the about our monthly mortgage payments. By $250 dollars. Now Terry & I are doing well here but we are by no means rich. $250 dollars is still ALOT of money. At the original monthly payments we would have been stretched a little thin but still ok.

I know I said that if for some reason we didn't get this house I would except that but now that we may not I'm devastated. It truly is so perfect for us:

1. It's the only place we've looked at that doesn't have a fireplace. I don't want a fireplace.

2. It's got the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. 3 & 2.

3. It's got a nice little yard.

4. And a Garage.

5. It fits us. If you know us at all you can look at this house and go "Of course this is Terry & Heather's house. It's Adorable!!"

6. Steph wants to come live with us for a while but she has a big dog who need a yard. We can't have him in an apartment.

7. It's on a dead-end, quite little street.

There's more I'm just to upset to keep listing.

Terry is going to try to find a different lender or something. He's so pissed. As he should be! If we have to stop now we will be out $2500ish (I think). $400 for the inspection and $2000 for the "Earnest" payment. For those who don't know, that is a good faith payment that the realtor holds on to till the house is sold (to us) saying that we defiantly are going to buy and that we won't flake out on the sellers.

The thing is WE don't want to flake out! We really want this house. This is the Banks fault! We were miss quoted. We started this whole precess because of what the bank told us!

Why can't I have a really rich, unknown, about to die relative that wants to leave me a truck-load of money?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nervous Breakdown

Well Terry finally panicked today. I'm glad I'm not the only one freaking out about all this. He's been so cool this whole time. He started listing all the times we need. "We got to get a fridge & a washer & dryer! You're car needs fixed! Snoopy need to go to the vet! Hidden fees! AHHH!"

I know I shouldn't giggle but when he freaks out he does it up right! All pissy like!

I know how he feels. It's a very big step and a insane process. You have to sign like a million forms. Half of them you don't really understand. Inspections need done. Holy Shit! It's nuts!

As Terry was hyperventilating I remained calm and told him that there will always be something. Why postpone it any longer? We've found a place we like and there's no since in passing it up. We are in the best fanatical situation we've ever been in and it should only get better from here money wise. Anything can happen of course but I'm just trying to stay optimistic.

We will be OK! I hope.