Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Week

Well today was the last day of my first week as manager of the Sears Portrait Studio. It was okay. The first day was fine. the second day was a bitch! I was not feeling work that day anyway and then (on my second day) I had a customer tell me that "Trae was a terrible manager, you District Manager sucks and you seem to be following in their footsteps" And then she told me "I will take my business elsewhere!" I was thinking, thank the Gods! Go be someone else's problem. Why do pain in the ass customers think that bothers us? She did call back and said she knew it wasn't MY fault but whatever. I did everything I could to fix the problem. Rules are rules people no matter how you feel about it. And I ain't losin' my job for you!

Anyway the rest of the week went much smoother and I found I kind of enjoy the extra work. This past week was the longest I've worked since we moved here, I think. 39 hours.

However there does seem to be a hitch in my giddy-up. Michelle (DM) called me today and told me I had to take some kind of assessment test to see if I'm right for the job. I think ALL manager "hopefuls" have to take the test. I feel that Michelle really wants me to keep the job. She didn't seem real enthused to make me take the test. So I may not stay the manager for long. Either way. We'll see.

I'm beat. Nighty night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If I fail I blame all of you!!

Due to the overwhelming response of "just do it" I am now the manager of Sears Portrait Studio. I took the job for 3 reasons.

1. I like the studio the way it is and I have no desire for some schmo to come in there and start changing things.

2. The girls now.......apparently really wanted me to do it. They are a really great crew. And everyone I asked said I should.

3. Money. I really just can't pass it up. What kind of douche bag would I be in these economical times to not take a good paying job that has droped into my lap?

Today Trea was trying to teach me thing and I almost burst into tears. Nobody told me that there would be math involved! I suck at math. Trea and Michelle (my new boss the district manager) seem to think I will be awsome at this job. Clearly they are not in there right minds. I'm still not sure how it will end up but if I don't like it I can always step down and train a new manager.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Advice needed! ASAP!!!

As some of you may know Trae (my manager) is leaving. On more than one occasion I have been asked to fill an authority position. Every time I declined. I just really don't want the headache of being the boss. There are of course pros and cons.


more money
the chance to put Manager on a resume
having the control
I would have a great crew
things wouldn't change much because I like them the way they are!


having to deal with all the random crap
being in control
having to enforce rules I'm not a big fan of in the first place.
having to clean up messes

I've always been happy being someones right hand. I don't know how I will feel about it once I become the head honcho.

So my question is: "What would you do?"

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here I sit in front of my computer at 1:18 in the morning. I can't sleep. I have a lot of things going through my mind right now and I need to get some of them off my chest.

Trae is leaving. It seems he and his partner have had a falling out. He feels he can't stay here anymore. To many memories. He's moving back to Memphis. In a way I'm mad at him. Why does he have to run away? However I understand. I can't be mad at him. He needs to make himself happy. I want him to be happy. I'm really sad, mostly. I don't want my friend to leave. Damn him!

Which bring me to my next concern. Work. I don't want another new manager. I haven't even been there a year yet and I will have had 3. Change sucks no matter how well it ends up in the end. I'm not getting many hours at work due to low customer volume and I don't know if I should go look for another job in this bad economy or if I should suck it up and ride it out. I will no doubt take the lazy route and stay.

Boeing has announced they will be laying off people starting in Feb. Terry has been assured a number of times by a number of different sources that he probably has nothing to worry about. Great, so I will probably not freak out. I think we will be OK from what Terry has said to me but it is scary none the less.

I'm also wondering if I'll be a good parent. I want to say yes but what if I suck at it. Then that makes me wonder if I really want kids. Truth be told I think I'm terrified that if I have a kid I'll hate being a parent. What kind of person does that make me? What kind of woman? I see kids everyday and I'm all "Awwwww" then I get home and one of the pets won't leave me alone or throws up on something and I'm all "I seriously want kids?" But then I'm terrified I won't have any. To think that I could be a 75 year old woman that never had kids make me very sad. I must really want kids, right?

So here I sit at 1:44 in the morning with tears in my eyes, wondering why the dogs not in bed with Terry and hoping I will fall sleep soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pics from Work

We had our X-mas party a week ago and being photographers naturally we took pictures. Here they are!

I love my job & all my co-workers but I miss my "Hallmark Hotties". They can never be replaced.