Monday, June 29, 2009

Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip: San Diego

Ahhhhh...I have to say it is good to be home even if we did have a wonderful time on our trip. But ya'll don't want to read about it. So with out further ado, pictures!!

Us at the......
A mommy & baby Koala

Giraffes, Terry's favorite!

2 Humped Camels (cause one hump is just never enough)

California Condor. 2nd largest wingspan in the animal kingdom! The first being the Albatross. Thank the "know-it-all" kid next to me for the tid-bit of trivia.
One sleeping Panda
A Hungry, Hungry Hippo

An adorable Baby Gorilla

Some Flamingos (the little grey one's a baby!)

And my favorite....The Rhino! Ain't he cute?

Ughh Los Angeles.......! Hated it there. Will probably never go back. Too many people and there all trying to sell you something. You know for having one of the most famous landmarks on the planet you'd think that there would be a well marked, easily accessible place to see it fairly close. Well you'd be wrong. I just wanted the hell out of LA! There were a few thing to see so we hurried the hell up did 'um and got out!

Me in front of the "Charmed" house (1329 Carroll Ave. Los Angeles) From the show Charmed!!
The Le Brea Tar Pit

Grumman's Chinese Theater

This pic was very zoomed in!

Highway 1, Santa Cruz & San Jose

We drove the coast as much as we could because I ,being a water sign, am very drawn to water. Big Sur is so amazing the ocean cliffs, the crashing waves.....Heavenly. There were quite a few interesting things along Hwy 1. We also made stops at The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and the Winchester Mystery House Both very cool.

Some very friendly (& hungry) Squirrels (Like my coat? Terry hates it!)
Elephant Seals
My Favorite picture from the whole entire trip! Terry's gonna hate this! tehe
Big Sur

Mystery Spot

The Winchester Mystery House

San Francisco

Let me just start out by saying I really do like the city and fully intend to go back. However I was disappointed in it. Nothing seemed to go right. Couldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge well due to fog, couldn't go to Alcatraz (the part of the trip I was most excited about) because it was sold out, little things we wanted to do were foiled for little reason bla bla bla. But we did get to see a few family friends while we were there and that was wonderful. They showed us around and took us to local haunts. Good times. All in all it was nice.

Lombard St. Curviest road in the world.
Alcatraz. Sadly only from the mainland :-(
The Famous Pier 39 seals.
The house that the Grateful Dead lived in on Ashbury St.

Shannon & Jason, our tour guides, in front of the row houses near Alamo Park.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Redwood Highway

This was without a doubt the prettiest forest I've ever been in. I just knew that Fairies were going to pop out! And the size of these trees is incredible. Being around trees that are 1000s of years old in humbling to say the least.

Me in the Drive-Thru Tree in Legget, CA.

Us in a stump

Terry in a fallen tree

Terry standing next to that same fallen tree

Paul & Babe

Well I hope ya'll have enjoyed our vacation. This is the first real vacation Terry & I have had ever. We've gone place and done things but most of the time we've been with family or Terry had to work. This was our first "Just Us" vacation and it was wonderful.

I'm tried of bloggin now I'm gonna stop but just remember kids.....

Newport, OR

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

8 days till our vacation!!!!!

Today is Terry & my 10 year anniverary. 10 YEARS!! Holy crap. We've been together 14! You know sometimes the time seemed to drag on but we've made it to 10 and I still love him. I love him more acually. 10 years. Wow. What did the Fates bestow on us on our anniverary you ask? Well our hot water heater busted of course. Not a real big deal we cought it right as is happened. so crisis averted. And the Penguins won the Stanley Cup Finals!! Hell Yeah! First time since 1992. They spanked the Redwings!

This past weekend we went to Spokane to visit my Cousin Jeri and her family. My Aunt Melodie & Uncle Dewey were there too. Jeri and her long time boyfriend, Bobby got married at the cutest wedding chaple called the Hitchin Post! I would post some pics but I'm not sure how she would feel about pictures of her family posted on line so I'm not gonna. But I will post one of the chaple.

Cute, right? Terry was like "This is how we should have done it!"

Anyhow it was so nice being with my peeps. I so rarely get to ses them. My baby cousin Lindsay is now 18 years old with her own baby on the way! So crazy. We all get the same line: I use to change your diapers. It's almost like a family joke now! My aunt changed my mom's (they're 10 years apart) she changed Jeri's, Jeri changed mine, I changed Lindsay's......... I wish my mommy would have been there. That would have made the weekend perfect. :-(

8 DAYS!!!