Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello All.....

It's been a month since the "shitty thing" happened and aside from the occasional single tear, I am fine. We are fine. Looking forward. I fully intended to take a picture of myself once a week till I gave birth but I only got the one week done. I miscarried between 5 & 6 weeks. Here's the picture: *single tear*

My girls (work) are fantastic. For my birthday (2/24) they snuck over to my house a covered my car with silly string, and filled her with balloons and confetti that was my name! They are so cute. I never heard a thing! And from what they said they were loud. Sara (who no longer works for me) got me a GIANT teddy bear that Pepper (the cat) really seems to enjoy.

Just so ya'll know I have not cleaned my car since they did this and now I have popped balloons and Heather confetti all over my car. Rain took care of the outside!

In the last year Terry & I have not done a whole lot to the house. The weather has gotten a little nicer now and were finally doing yard work. This is what it looked like before:

Now it looks like this:

Right now the bushes are small but they will grow to about 3 feet tall which is perfect! What's the point of windows if you can't see out of them?! The house looks bigger now too! Right now they are in full bloom with these really pretty purple flowers! I love Spring!!