Monday, August 24, 2009

So my Mom yelled at me......

......"you haven't posted a blog since July!" Well this is true and to be fair nothing blog worthy has happened since my last post. I really don't want to be obnoxious and post every other day about random nothings. This is not Twitter and I have no desire to go there. Well not a lot is still happening but I'll update my loyal readers anyway!

I have lost roughly 40lbs! I look awesome if I do say so myself. I still have a long way to go till I'll be satisfied but I'm proud of myself none the less! My diabetes is under control for the moment and I am still not on any insulin. Insulin makes it harder to lose weight so I want to get closer to my goal before I go on it. However, I was given a choice by the doc. He said "either you go on insulin now and continue to try for a kid (I'll have to go on insulin when I get pregnant) or wait till we get you on it to start trying again". I have decided to put it off for a few months. Like 6 or 7 months or until I reach my goal weight. I want to be as healthy as possible and loosing weight will only help me be healthy.

Terry is learning to play the guitar. He's really enjoying himself. I love that he's doing this.

Boeing had "Friends & Family Day" yesterday and I finally after 2 years got to see inside the worlds largest building. No pics unfortunately. No cameras aloud. But let me tell you this it's like a small city! It even has streets!!! Like 747 Lane! There were bikes and golf carts! You can't really imagine how big planes are till your standing underneath one. Crazy! I got to sit at Terry's desk. It was the first time in 10 years that I've been able to see where he's worked. He was so excited to show me everything. Let me tell you my ass was tired when we were done. We walked around for 4 hours and still didn't see everything.

Terry and I got our pictures taken for the first time in like 6 or 7 years. Professional pics I mean. I thought it appropriate that we get pics for our 10 years ann. I'll post a few here but just know that most who read this blog will be getting some with their holiday cards. If you not sure if you'll be getting one but you want one let me know and I'll make sure I don't forget you!

This is a picture of me & my girls at work. Since Trae abandon use last Jan. we had still not taking our group picture down. So finally we took a new one.

Well that's that.