Monday, January 4, 2010


I want to start off by saying: Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! Sorry its taken me so long to update my blog but this was the first Christmas I was a manager at the studio and it was really busy. I was there so much that when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was blog, farm, super poke pet, fish or zoo! All my poor (facebook/myspace) apps have suffered...*shakes head*. The second thing I would like to say is that if you are family or friend that I personally know and you did not get a holiday card it was simply because I do not have you correct address. So if you have a facebook or myspace page or you have my e-mail address and you didn't get a card please send me your address so I can be up to date. Thanx!

Please only send private messages. Don't put any personal info on my wall or in my comments.
OK so lets get down to the reason y'all read this blog. Here's our update!

Well other than the fact that I was super busy at work we've had a pretty good few months. Not really exciting but nice & quite. Just how I like it. I'm on a new medication for my stupid diabetes. Its called Byetta and is awesome! It's an injection kind of like insulin but not. I take it twice a day and it keeps my blood at a non-diabetic levels. AND the doc told me at my last appt the they were gonna come out with a Byetta shot that you only have to take once a week!!! Holy crap that's like not even being diabetic! So far I'm doing really well. I've lost a total of 42 lbs so far and I lose about 2 lbs every time I go the doc. I've said for a while now that I'd lost about 40lbs but that was just estimating. I weigh less than I have in at least 10 years! I have a waist line!!! I'm down past my first weight loss goal so I get a new tattoo as my reward. If I reach my next goal I get diamond earrings! I've got a way to go for that one.

My first year as manager of the portrait studio sucked! I knew it would so I wasn't surprised. People (customers) in general can be horrible. And as the manager I have to take care of all the ridiculous issues. "I don't like my hair in this one"(then check the mirror before you leave the house) "His smile looks funny" (then stop yelling at him to (40 year old mom)"Smile less! Smile more! God Emilio (7 years old) you don't understand my "vision".) "The picture is so dark" (I tried to tell you that because you're black, maybe a black background is not the best idea, but what do I know?) "You know we felt rushed" (then maybe you should show up on time for the app you made, not half hour late and expect to get in as so as you walk in....ASS! We do have other customers. You're not our only one!) "I don't like any of these poses" (Well I did try to pose y'all but YOU only wanted standing poses) "She wasn't very good with my kids" (Prison guards would have had a hard time with you little brats. Try discipline, not bribery!) Ahhhh.......good times! I'm so happy that the holidays are over. You don't even know! And just so you know we do have some fantastic customers! There's nothing like someone saying to you "Heather, you can't ever leave this place! Would will make them laugh?" "I only want you, Heather!" Those people make this job worth it.
Terry goes back to work tomorrow after having the last 2 weeks off. (Lucky!) I think the break was really good for him. He took the time off to "learn and master guitar" (its a work in progress) He's doing really well. It sounds like music now when he plays!
We got ourselves a Wii for Yule and we play a lot of Bowling & Mario Cart. Its a pretty cool gaming system I must say. It's the first new one we've bought since we've been together. Fun!
Terry got me a camera. It's great so far. Much better than the little piece of crap I had before. Now taking pics is more fun. I got him Lego's! An airplane & helicopter. He loved 'um! Our Yule was simple and I loved it!

So last night I hosted a party for my girls from work & their significant others. It was such a good time. The Wii came in super handy. This picture below is us. I didn't take it but I love it anyway.

As soon as I get my camera figured out I'll be posting more pics and now that I have a little bit more time I'll try not to go so long between posts. And on that note........Later!